The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm

This is a farm that is also a restaurant. It is very pricey, uses some very interesting ingredients, BUT AWESOME. The building is beautiful, little tough to get to. If you are into food, this is a place to try
  • PatowmackFarm20151105-01  10 Year Pickle Tart, wigwam ham
  • PatowmackFarm20151105-02  Kentucky Fried Chicken Mushrooms, aioli
  • PatowmackFarm20151105-03  Surryano Ham, cheese straw, charcoal mustard
  • PatowmackFarm20151105-04  Ricotta Gnudi, pickled cardoons, ham, pumpkin seed, parmesan
  • PatowmackFarm20151105-05  Creamed Wild Rice, stinging nettles, velvet foot mushrooms, barrel aged cherry vinegar
  • PatowmackFarm20151105-06  Charcoal Chicken, nurungi, sunchoke puree, curry butter, marigolds
  • PatowmackFarm20151105-07  Snapper Smoked with Chestnut Shells, pumpkin, maitake mushrooms, pear juice, granola
  • PatowmackFarm20151105-09  17th Century Wine Cake, coffee gelato, caramelized oats, concord caramel
  • PatowmackFarm20151105-10  Paw Paw Trifle, verbena chiffon, hickory cream, milk meringue, nibs